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The Blog of Bob Parsons, American Entrepreneur

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

I’m Bob Parsons. You may know me from my GoDaddy days. What you may not know is that I’m also a Marine, an entrepreneur, an investor, an American business leader, and a philanthropist. One more thing about me, I have a point of view – and I don’t mind expressing it.

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Happy Birthday Mother Green!
Celebrity Fight Night Tribute To Muhammad Ali
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In the News


GoDaddy Billionaire Founder Bob Parsons On His Passion For Golf And Motorcycles

Parsons has been called zany, outlandish and a renegade—none of which he disputes. But he is much more than that. Scratch below the surface and you'll find a self-made billionaire who is also outrageous in his generosity.

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My rules for success in business and life in general

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Commemorating Veterans Day
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