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The Blog of Bob Parsons, American Entrepreneur

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

I’m Bob Parsons. You may know me from my GoDaddy days. What you may not know is that I’m also a Marine, an entrepreneur, an investor, an American business leader, and a philanthropist. One more thing about me, I have a point of view – and I don’t mind expressing it.

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Bob Parsons Shares Advice for Life and Business
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In the News


Bob Parsons, YAM Properties Purchase Westgate Entertainment District

When Westgate Entertainment District hit the sales block this spring, it quickly caught the attention of Bob Parsons and his commercial real-estate company YAM Properties. The Glendale development represented a good mix of sports, entertainment, and retail, and it offered nearly endless possibilities of what can be added to the 76-acre site. “As the population moves more and more to that area, Westgate is going to become more critical,” Parsons told the Phoenix Business Journal in an exclusive phone interview Tuesday. “We find that exciting. We find there is an opportunity to do many more things there than what is in place now. There is always room for improvement.”

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My rules for success in business and life in general

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